What do we offer

Our mission is to improve the learning outcomes of primary school pupils in developing countries through the provision of free unique learning resources that go beyond the classroom and unlocks the magic of learning in real-time.


We use baseline assessments to understand the learning needs of each pupil before tailor-making lessons that help them earn knowledge and skills.


We utilise differentiated instruction to deliver a competency-based curriculum to each pupil taking into consideration their prefered mode of learning.


We create a collaborative learning environment that connects mentors to pupils to work together and improve in areas where pupils are struggling.

How Does It Work

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We are revolutionizing learning in developing countries by delivering lessons on the mobile phone to pupils living in rural and urban centres. Using experiences from differentiated instruction and mobile pedagogy, we enhance the learning experience of each pupil, enabling us to measure the learning outcomes of those who want to acquire knowledge and skills.

We accept the pupil’s Subscription through a short message service.

…And get to learn more about the pupil’s Grade before engaging further.

We take the pupil through a vigorous baseline assessment.

…Identifying areas where the pupil need’s help and support.

We tailor make bite-sized lessons that fit the pupil’s needs.

…Using competency-based curriculum.

We utilize differentiated instruction.

…And mobile pedagogy to deliver personalized lessons to the pupil.

We assess the pupil’s progress and offer real-time feedback.

…Matchmaking the pupil with a mentorship for improved outcomes.

The pupil is equipped with the 21st-century skills of education.

…Which can be verified by progress reports and class performance.

What are the benefits


M-Lesson works on any mobile phone including feature phones and does not need an internet connection. We are able to reach individual pupils irrespective of their background or location.


We are adjusted to meet the learning needs of each pupil. We factor in the environment, individual learning styles and levels of readiness first, before designing and distributing a lesson.


M-Lesson is offered free of charge to every pupil. We give the same opportunity to both the privileged and underprivileged pupils to access world-class unique learning resources.

Advanced Analytics

We use artificial intelligence to share personalised learning insights and progress reports with pupils, parents, teachers, and school administration, highlighting areas of improvement.

Holistic Learning

Through our content, we equip learners with the 21st-century skills of education which focuses on collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

World-class Mentorship

We connect pupils with world-class mentors who are subject specialists to help them improve in areas where they are struggling academically. Our mentors have volunteered their time and expertise to give back.

Why Choose M-Lesson

Free Learning

Localized Content

Optimized Lessons

Practical Skills

M-Lesson is the only free SMS based mobile learning service that is available to learners between Grade 4 and Grade 8 without an internet connection. We enable pupils to access unique learning materials that help them to get practical skills. Our mini lessons are optimized for quick and easy consumption by every pupil irrespective of their location.

What are our achievements

We believe that every pupil deserves the opportunity to access unique learning resources that go beyond the classroom.

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Let's Connect

We are here to provide you with more information that you may need. We answer emails and phone calls to create an efficient service that improves learning outcomes. You can use the contact form below to drop us an email, but if that’s too much, old-fashioned phone calls and letters work too.

JKUAT Towers, Kenyatta Avenue

P.O. Box 21065-00100 Nairobi

Call: 0722518641 or 0726998256