A free mobile learning service that is accessible to any pupil irrespective of financial background or location

M-Lesson aims to improve the learning outcomes of 250 million primary school pupils in developing countries. We want to do this by providing a free mobile learning service that is accessible to any pupil irrespective of financial background or location. This will allow millions of pupils in Kenya and other developing countries to gain knowledge, earn skills, and live happier and more sustainable lives.

Our mobile learning courses are designed for primary school pupils between Grade 4 and Grade 8 who are motivated to learn through collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. We use the competency-based curriculum to create content for our learners hence they are able to access high-quality personalized learning resources that are specifically designed to meet their learning needs.

Using differentiated instruction and mobile pedagogy, M-Lesson empowers each pupil to be a star on their own. We enable pupils to improve in areas of struggle hence increasing their chances of getting admission to high school, improving their livelihoods as a result of access to basic education, and growing their local economies.


We use baseline assessments to understand the learning needs of each pupil before tailor-making lessons that help them earn knowledge and skills.


We utilise differentiated instruction to deliver a competency-based curriculum to each pupil taking into consideration their prefered mode of learning.


We create a collaborative learning environment that connects mentors to pupils to work together and improve in areas where pupils are struggling.

M-Lesson is reaching hundreds of Pupils in Nairobi Pupils in Kisumu Pupils in Nakuru Pupils in Eldoret using the short message service

I am so proud of the work that M-Lesson is doing. Every day when I get home, the first thing that my daughter asks is if I have the question for the day. I have seen tremendous improvement in her learning as she receives real-time feedback on each lesson that she covers.

Emma Wachira

I used M-Lesson to revise for my final examination for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. Two of the questions asked in the English paper had been on this week’s revision. I am happy that I was able to get the correct answer. I know that I will pass with flying colours. Thank you M-Lesson.

Elijah Kasuve

Every pupil deserves the opportunity to access unique learning materials that are specifically designed to meet their learning needs irrespective of their location or background. I encourage every learner to utilise M-Lesson and to get to know how he or she is progressing in learning as individual and improve.

Johannes Oula
M-Lesson Founder

I would like to encourage parents to get involved in their children’s learning by lending them mobile phones to learn via M-Lesson whenever they are home. M-Lesson enables parents to work hand-in-hand with their children and collaborate with class teachers so as to help pupils to meet their learning needs.

Nicholas Osoro
M-Lesson Co-Founder

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