We want to enhance the learning outcomes of 250,000,000 primary school pupils in developing countries

Our Story

Driven by our founding principles of Accountability, Predictability, Transparency, and Equality, we have created an environment that empowers each pupil regardless of their location or background to have the capacity to unlock the magic of learning using real-time differentiated instruction, artificial intelligence, collaborative learning and world-class mobile pedagogy that delivers personalised learning.

We come from a different school of thought. Instead of pupils spending hours looking down on their textbooks, we encourage pupils to learn on their mobile phones. We utilize differentiated instruction to create lessons that are fun to learn and go beyond the classroom. Giving every pupil the opportunity to improve their learning outcomes and acquire the 21st-century skills of education.

Our mission is to improve the learning outcomes of primary school pupils in developing countries through the provision of free unique learning resources that go beyond the classroom and unlock the magic of learning in real-time.

So, where did the M-Lesson journey start? On Sunday, 26th July 2015, the idea behind M-Lesson was conceived by Johannes Oula while he was watching an inspirational session between the former US President Barack Obama and a group of change creators at the Kenyatta University in Nairobi.

Johannes then shared his vision with two friends who were inspired by the idea and saw an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of primary school children in Kenya.

With fire in their bellies, the 3 social entrepreneurs embarked on a journey by participating in an educational challenge organized by the D-Prize. The trio successfully won a $15,000 grant in February 2016, incorporated M-Lesson in Kenya in April 2016, and started piloting in May 2016. It’s been quite a ride ever since!

Our Team

Johannes Oula

Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas Osoro

Chief Academic Officer

Pharis Kahama

Backend Junior Developer

Maurice Makau

Frontend Junior Developer

Current Vacancies

We are growing and have the confidence in giving our team the capacity to practice independence, dominance, and reason – and we apply similar standards to our organization. We’re a dynamic, assorted, and a persevering cluster who are enthusiastic about building something genuinely astounding, and have a ton of fun doing that! We are lucky to be situated in probably the most energizing areas on the planet – Kenya. If you are interested in working with us, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!